Autonomous Mobile Robots
as a Service (AMRaaS)

Ronavi AMRaaS means:
  • 1
    The best Carrying Capacity / Robot Size ratio on the market.
    Ronavi H1500 has 3x to 4x efficiency against other AMRs with 1000+ kg payload.
  • 2
    Ronavi open API enables direct integration with operations-level systems of the warehouse or distribution center.
  • 3
    Ronavi complies with the highest development standards and industrial manufacturing quality to reach 10.000 hours uptime.
Maximum warehouse productivity
at operational costs only
(no CAPEX needed)
Ultimate storage density
in warehouses
Open API, which translates into an
easy integration into the warehouse
operating processes without the
need to develop a separate project
for robotic automation
Always up-to-date equipment
and free software upgrades
Quick and easy integration
into the ecosystem
of any company
ERP / WMS level
  • Core business processes
  • Storage and goods relocation management
RMS Robotic Management System
  • Robot fleet management
  • Seamless integration into enterprise systems
Robots and Storage Units
  • Goods handling
  • Efficient storage
Ronavi H-1500
Reliable AMR
with well-thought-out design
Storage modules are securely
fixed in delivery
Lidars and ToF Sensors
Quick Charge 18 minutes
Euro-pallet compatible dimensions
Steel frame without fragile parts
Omnidirectional movement
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Line of Ronavi robots
Customize it
to your needs
Charger station
- Space-friendly design
- Easy coupling with a capacity of 30,000 link-ups
- Full charge in under 20 mins ensures a full 8-hour operation
- 5 mins quick charge ensures a 5-hour operation
Mobile storage unit AS/R rack or pallet
Lightweight and robust storage units for pallets,
large and small cases, and individual items up to 1200 kg
Modules for different
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